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Enjoy our Top Ten Toolbox - Articles of 2018

Looking to get your business off to an inspirational start in 2019? Check out our "top ten" tips from the past year of Business Link. 1. "5 Time Management Secrets for Entrepreneurs 2. "4 Actions to Help Your Sales Team Succeed" 3. "Teamwork: Aligning Your Team" 4. "8 Ways to Make Your Business More Profitable" 5. "The Other Way Around" 6. "The 3 Roles of a Sales Manager" 7. "The Theory of Why" 8. "Three Tensions Every New Manager Must Manage" 9. "Legalization of Cannabis" 10. "How to Move Customers Past Price"

The Promise of Prompt Payment - Civil Litigation

A Changing Of The Tides In The World Of Construction ~ By Johanna McNulty

There is one simple truth in the construction industry, money needs to flow for work to happen. For those who are involved in the construction sector of the economy, you will know that there has been a lot of buzz about the recent amendments to the newly styled Construction Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. C.30, formerly called the Construction Lien Act. Some of the most significant changes have come about as a result of the fact that prior to these new legislative changes...

Welcome Back!

Niagara's Talent Pool Is Coming Home ~ by Frank Coy

The Niagara Region has always been a great place to live - but the knock has often been that the jobs were scarce. That scarcity of quality jobs has driven many aspiring young professionals out of the area to lager cities where jobs were more plentiful. We're seeing evidence of this tide returning to Niagara. Our hiring experience over the past couple of years indicates that a cohort of young, highly-skilled tech professionals is making their way back to Niagara.

Getting Started On Your Career Path

How To Take The Next Step In Your Career

When it comes to accessing career advice, it can be really challenging to know where to turn. A recent survey of Canadians aged 18 to 24 indicated that advice from professionals in their desired field was the most valuable for navigating a career path. Whether you're just entering the job market or looking to explore a new career path, it can be tough. Here are some tips to get you started: