Extras! Extras! Read All About Them!

Practical insights from a litigator's perspective.

Are you planning to build or renovate a home? Are you a contractor involved in the building trades? If you are, there is something important that you need to turn your mind to when you contract for the performance of construction work and that is work which falls outside the scope of your contract, called "extra work" or "extras".

Women Building Business

Special Feature

On March 8th, International Women's Day will be celebrated around the globe - a tradition that represents over ninety years of development and success for women worldwide. In this feature, we showcase local women in the business community who have made an impact. These successful women come from many walks of life - and all of them have demonstrated a clear sense of purpose, a desire to be different, and a drive to be the best. This feature is our way of saying "congratulations!" to all the hardworking women that help make the Niagara community such a rewarding place to work and live.

Teamwork - Aligning Your Team

Bridge Coaching and Mentoring

Forget tough - today's competition is fierce! Now, more than ever, your commitment to establishing a true "team" culture is not just important, rather it is a vital component to your company's future success, because when your team is strategically aligned, your organization is positioned with a stronger competitive advantage.

Sonami partnership brings "intelligent" bed sheet closer to health care market

Southern Ontario Network for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation

In the emerging industry of fabric sensing technology, one Toronto-based company has invented a revolutionary bed sheet that also functions as a patient health monitor without the use of any wired attachments to the body. And they are praising a unique research collaboration for advancing their smart device to market.