TKC Metal Recycling

Niagara's premier scrap metal recycling facility is changing the face of recycling - one customer at a time.

Ken Baird wants to know what’s in your basement. And your garage. And your office or warehouse. His motivation is simple. Having spent over two decades working in the recycling industry, Ken and his family have taken things to a whole new level with the launch of TKC Metal Recycling Inc. in St. Catharines.

Dreaming about starting your own business?

It is good to have someone who can navigate the law and represent your interests ~ by Dave Thomas, Corporate and Commercial Law

Many people dream about starting a small business and becoming their own boss. It’s a great dream. The rewards can be substantial, but so are the risks. The dream of being in charge of your own time can turn into a nightmare of always being on duty, and never getting to relax. Here is a lawyer’s perspective on the risks and rewards of owning your own business, and some advice for keeping your head above water.

Network Reliability

Network Down ~ by Rich Davidson

When it comes to network reliability, what’s your pain point? It is often joked that a disaster recovery plan isn’t required until an organization experiences a real disaster situation. The looming threat of a big network outage, however dire, isn’t always enough to get the decision makers thinking about what an effective disaster recovery plan would look like.

Sales Advice

The Sales Email Will Work If You Get It Write ~ by Brett Meadows

How important is a sales email? I receive tons of sales emails of all different types. Introduction emails, need five minutes of your time, please see attached, follow ups, nice to meet you, here’s the information and thanks for the order – you get the idea. Most of them have a specific purpose. However, most of them are very uninspiring and being totally honest, most of them suck and get deleted before even being read.