Lancaster Brooks & Welch LLP - Helping With The Hurt

Correction Notice: We referred to Lancaster Brooks & Welch LLP as Lancaster Brooks & Welch on our cover. Our apologies for the error.

Personal Injury lawyer Sheila P. Marcantonio is committed to supporting her clients when they need it most. Some people feel blessed knowing they have gone their whole life without running into a serious illness or accident - until the unexpected happens. One wrong step on a stretch of icy pavement can have major repercussions on your life, whether it is a long hospital stay, a loss of income , a crippling condition or... By Scott Leslie

Why Do People Come to Niagara?

"Ultimately, the all encompassing question becomes - does this seem like an agreeable place to live and work?" ~ By Ian Ellingham

In generations past, businesses tended to choose their locations for functional reasons - and people gravitated to an area because of opportunities for employment and business connections. In the case of Niagara prosperity and growth was originally based on transportation connections - across the border, and between the lakes, and the ready availability of power - first directly through waterwheels and turbines, and then indirectly through the hydro-electric system.

PC Works - Bridging Employment Opportunities

Port Cares helping to improve quality of life for more than 30 years ~ Provided by Port Cares

Since 1986 Port Cares has been the go-to place in south Niagara for individuals and families needing help to improve their life circumstances. As one of Canada's first comprehensive community hubs, Port Cares is located in Port Colborne with satellite services across Niagara and has assisted tens of thousands of individuals ranging in age from newborns to seniors.

Speedpro Imaging Niagara

St. Catharines firm provides Niagara area businesses with Great. Big. Advertising Images. ~ By Scott Leslie

When you're looking for high quality printing services at a competitive price, you can trust the experts at Speedpro Imaging Niagara. Base in St. Catharines, the team at Speedpro Imaging Niagara provides local businesses with a wide array of large format digital graphics. That includes everything from vehicle warps and trade show displays to retractable banner sands, and window and floor graphics to banners and signs.