Niagara Golf Warehouse

Niagara’s largest independent golf equipment provider celebrates 30 years of serving the professional and aspiring golfer

Are you wondering how you can perfect your swing and look your best on the golf course this year? Tony Haney and Brad Graham have just the answer. Tony and Brad are co-owners of Niagara Golf Warehouse – the largest independently-owned golf equipment provider in the entire Niagara Peninsula. Now celebrating its 30th year in business, Tony says the popular St. Catharines-based outlet has become the go-to destination for Niagara’s professional and aspiring golfing crowd. Their team’s passion for the sport is unmistakable. “We’re all invested in this,” he explains. “We live the game, we love the game – and we want to make sure everyone enjoys the game.”


by Michael Mann

Are you a business owner – maybe even an owner of a family operated business? If so, and regardless of what stage of life you may be at, succession planning should be seriously considered. Chances are good that you have had to dedicate a significant amount of your time, efforts and even financial resources to make your business successful. That is all the more reason that you should be proactive in terms of planning for a time when you may not actively participate in the business operations. During a time when your business is still functioning, you may want to consider retirement; or a situation beyond your control, such as death or incapacity, could prevent you from contributing to the business

Workplace Engagement - Part Two

by Jessica Potts

Why do some things drain us, yet other things energize us? The answer lies in our talents. Talent, as defined by Gallup, is our natural way of thinking, feeling, and doing. Talent channelled productively, and intentionally, results in a strength – the ability to consistently deliver excellent results. Uncovering your own unique talents and applying them in the context of our day-to-day lives represents our greatest opportunity for success. And success brings that positive energy I talked about in part one of this article. And the best part is: talent is present in all of us - hooray!

How To Avoid A Tug-Of-War Conversation

by Tim Arnold

Have you ever been stuck in a tug-of-war conversation? Maybe it was a disagreement regarding a change taking place at work, a difficult decision that had to be made or a difference in political viewpoints. Like a schoolyard game, a tug-of-war conversation felt like you are pulling strongly in one direction, while the person you’re talking with is pulling equally hard in the other direction.