C.R. Smith Financial

Celebrating 45 years

Doug Smith and the C.R. Smith Financial team have been providing customized, results-driven service ever since Doug’s late father Chuck founded the “Charles R. Smith Insurance Agency” back in 1974. In April of this year the venerable St.Catharines firm moved around the corner from their long-time location at 80 King Street to 386 St. Paul Street, Suite 203. Doug Smith, the president and owner of C.R. Smith Financial says there was no question that he wanted his family firm to remain a fixture in downtown St. Catharines.


by Chelsey Gauthier

It is every millennial’s dream to be gifted a property or given enough money for a down payment. With housing costs continuously soaring, we could all use some help with our home-buying woes. For those lucky enough to receive gifts of money or property, there is an important factor to take into consideration and it has nothing to do with paint samples or furniture shopping. When receiving a property as a gift, it is important to consider how to protect the gift in the event of a marriage breakdown.

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BizConX Niagara is a business-to-business networking event that takes place on the last Wednesday of every month at Cat’s Kitchen + Bar on 6788 Thorold Stone Road in Niagara Falls. Presented by Business Link Media Group, BizConX Niagara is a great opportunity for you to connect with like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners. Serving the entire Niagara Region, this event is sponsored by Cat’s Kitchen + Bar which provides great appetizers for networkers to enjoy. For more information or to register for the next BizConX Niagara, please go to www.meetup.com/bizconxniagara.

Thinking green

by Scott Leslie

Everyone’s looking for ways to save on energy costs these days and the Beijing Sunshine Technology Company is no different. Since 1992, this high-tech giant has been keenly focused on perfecting the ultimate in greenhouse modular technology. And this past year, it did just that with the launch of its new line of modular no heat/constant temperature greenhouses. The Beijing Sunshine Technology Company has based its new modular greenhouses on an innovative two-layer construction. Made from galvanized steel, the outer structure spans 12 metres with a ridge height of 4.5 metres.