Imagine Inspiring Ten Thousand Big Dreamers?

Submitted: November 04th, 2016

Imagine Inspiring Ten Thousand Big Dreamers?
Maryland is kicking off the inspiration with the release of BIG DREAMERS

MARYLAND, November 4th, 2016/ Internationally regarded as “the WHY GUY,” Gerry Visca, is inspired to help the world Dream Bigger in his 14th book, “BIG DREAMERS.” The official launch kicks off on November 29, 2016 with a book signing and “Meet the Author” festivities at QUENCH Restaurant, 9712 Traville Gateway Dr. Rockville, MD, 6:00pm – 9:00pm. This kicks off the first leg of the BIG DREAMERS international book tour which will bring these energetic speakers Gerry Visca/ author and Danny Gasemy of Maryland/featured Big Dreamer face to face with thousands of their followers.

Gerry Visca grabs the question, “Why am I here and How can I dream bigger?” by the jugular and relentlessly cuts to the core of the matter through 8 compelling stories.  The straight-forward, no-nonsense and quirky prose makes for an easy read. He fuses together centuries of existentialist theories, allegories and even modern day self-help concepts without all the tedious academic anecdotes. 

This 260-page quality trade paperback is the latest work of Gerry Visca, author, award-winning international speaker, and publisher. The book is designed to allow the reader to pause and write in the actual book, framed with 8 inspiring stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things. Retailing at $20, it’s strategically priced to be accessible. It is available for purchase at  He is also gifting 20 minutes of personal one-on-one WHY time, with him, to the first 500 purchasers.

 “Throughout my inspirational career, I`ve observed a shift in the world.  We just don`t seem to dream bigger.  It`s as if we have turned off our internal dream machines," said Gerry Visca, author and international speaker.   

Gerry Visca is no stranger to accolades and recognition for his published works. Renowned peers and established thought leaders are the first to endorse “BIG DREAMERS,” as it hits the market. "Gerry Visca has masterfully captured the very essence of the mind of big dreamers. His interview process and unique questioning ability pulled the very “guts” out of the mindset of the seven big dreamers profiled in this book", shares David Byrd, Executive Leadership Coach and contributor of the foreword to Big Dreamers. 

“Gerry Visca has created a world in which ordinary people are inspired to do extraordinary things. He is an inspired entrepreneur, architecting a new world. He knows and lives his WHY – the purpose behind everything he does." says Jack Canfield te Co-Creator of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" Series.

Through this book, Gerry Visca has forged a powerful intention of inspiring 10,000 B ig Dreamers.
"We are so pleased to include Danny Gasemy, born and raised in Potomac, Maryland and his powerful story” said Visca.  “These are everyday people who faced incredible odds to live a life in
spiring others.  I`m committed to sharing Danny`s powerful insights and celebrating his family through this engaging book” said Gerry Visca. 
"There is a soul to this book and it`s books like these that inspired me to dream bigger!" said Danny Gasemy, featured Big Dreamer in Chapter 1.  "With all the obstacles he faced, he still achieved his goal as a successful entrepreneur.  We are so proud of all of his achievements," shares Danny`s father, Gasem Gasemy of Maryland. 

Angela Kontgen, editor of BIG DREAMERS notes: I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the countless hours, and the heart and soul that Gerry has put into this book, and I have loved seeing how inspired he has been by these extraordinary everyday dreamers. As he was conducting the interviews and devoting his energy to writing the chapters, I saw how moved to tears he was. Their stories are our stories. The details are perhaps a bit different, but they have all gone through the same struggles that seem to be a part of the human condition."

About the Author: Gerry Visca

Gerry Visca is regarded internationally as The WHY GUY with a gift in unleashing the WHY power within leaders and inspired entrepreneurs world-wide. He has impacted tens of thousands of people across 10 countries and through his new: I don’t know what the HELL I’m doing philosophy, has an intention of inspiring a new ROI for the World – one where we Reach Out and Inspire others. He has published 14 books and audio programs in the areas of creative thinking, transformational branding, innovation and WHY Power. He is registered with two of North America`s most prestigious speaking bureaus: National Speakers Bureau and Lime Light Group and is inspiring 1 million Whys world-wide. 
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